Sleepy Time

Read Snoozers by Sandra Boynton.

The last story in the book is a song called “Silly Lullaby.” It is a great song to teach the kids!

Bears in the bed” snack. Spread one slice of bread with peanut butter. “Lay” bear shaped graham cookies across the top of the slice of bread. Trim another slice of bread horizontally for “covers”. “Tuck” the bears into bed by covering them up to their chins with the trimmed, plain slice of bread. And now you have “Bears in the bed”!

Milk and cookies of course!

On a piece of paper draw a birds-eye-view of a bed (pillow, blanket turned down, 4 posters…). Have the kids draw their sleeping head on the pillow and color and decorate the bedspread. Let them be creative. Give them glitter, foam cutouts, wallpaper, stamps and stamp pads….you get the idea. Then write a sentence for them about sleeping in their bed that they dictate to you.

A bedtime game that could be adapted to your classroom is flashlight tag. We turn out all the lights in the house and play flashlight hide and seek. Cover the windows and turn out the lights in your classroom and have fun!

Graphing is an easy way to tie in math to “bedtime.” Get out your trusty old pocket chart and make headings for what the kids do first to get ready for bed after their bath such as “brush teeth” “brush your hair” “get on pajamas” and so on. Just 3-4 different ones. Write (or have children write) their names on a small sentence strip or index card and have them put their name under what they do first. Which one has the most? Which one has the least?