Simple Homemade Paint Recipes

Simple Homemade Paint Recipes

Simple Homemade Paint Recipes

Simple Homemade Paint Recipes for preschool through second grade.

You don’t need to worry if they eat this finger paint. Use plain yogurt and mix with a few drops of food coloring. Non-toxic and can be restored in the fridge using the yogurt container. Dries shiny and with texture.

My Kids love shaving cream painting, but the perfumes in them drive me crazy! I came across this recipe for the cream made from shampoo, it smells better and is so much cheaper than shaving cream.

Mix 3 teaspoons Shampoo with a small amount of water in a mixing bowl.
Whip with an electric mixer until it becomes like shaving cream.
Add food coloring if desired.

We made beautiful blue and purple cream and the strawberry smell was much nicer than shaving cream!

Scented watercolor paint

Add Kool-Aid to water or food coloring to the water to make your own watercolor!!

Sidewalk Paint
You’ll need

1/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup water
6-8 drops of food coloring

Mix the cornstarch and cold water together. Add food coloring and stir. Repeat to make different colors. NOTE: This paint can be easily washed off with water and is great for painting large areas temporarily!!!

A creative way to jazz up plain old white glue and make a new way to paint is to add kool-aid packets of various flavors( colors) into approximately 1/4 cup of glue. Mix thoroughly with paint brushes and amazing colors come through. This smells great and when it is dry it is glossy. A wonderful sensory activity.

Using about 2 tbs of liquid starch, place on center of a table, put in a fairly good helping of powdered tempera paint. Allow the child to mix, draw designs, then place a blank white paper over to transfer (backward the print. When the mixture begins to dry, add more liquid starch.

Here’s a great idea for not wasting too much paint. First, take a margarine container lid. then, about 5 or 6 plastic pop bottle caps. You hot-glue the caps to the inside of the lid, fill each one with a different color and voila! The kids can use small paintbrushes or even their fingers. They get a variety of different colors, but don’t use up too much paint!


Take an ice cube tray and pour tempera paint in the bottoms and keep placing different colors on top of each other. When you are done with that place plastic wrap over the tray and put a craft stick in each one. Place in the freezer and PRESTO you have freezer paints! Fun, Fun, Fun

Who says Karo syrup is just for cooking? Mix a little tempera paint with it and children can paint Easter Eggs cut outs, Shamrocks…anything, anytime, any holiday. Can also be used to make handprint flowers, rainbows and much more! Just paint and let dry…Your art work will shine! And the kids love it!

Easy QUICK finger paint

One cup flour

One cup water

One and a half teaspons of salt

Food coloring

Mix well and put in plastic lids from coffee cans. The kids will enjoy this textured finger paint that sparkles when dry.