Simchat Torah Art

To make a Torah for Simchat Torah, have kids cut from a Hebrew newspaper and glue it onto any color paper.  Use either Popsicle sticks, toilet paper rolls, or rolled paper and glue/staple newspaper print to each side.  Roll each side towards the middle.  Afterwards, decorate a piece of felt material (or any other pretty piece of material) and size it to fit as a Torah cover.  Close it with a ribbon or string. Hag sameach, happy holiday!

It is customary for children to march with flags in a Synagogue on Simchat Torah.  Any materials may be used.  Sponge paintings of Torahs and Jewish stars, collaging, etc.

Make a Torah!  Have the children paint two toilet paper rolls (any color) and pre-cut pretty materials large enough to wrap around the two rolls.  Staple the two rolls together and have the kids glue the material around.  Enjoy dancing with the Torah!

Make Torah Stained glass pictures.  Pre-cut picture of a Torah inside of a sheet of construction paper.  Cover the paper with waxed paper and have kids decorate and glue tissue paper all over the waxed paper part of the colored paper.  It will be beautiful when hung in the window of your classroom!