Shoe Games

Every child throws their shoes into a pile in the middle of the circle. One child will cover their eyes (closed or with a blindfold) and feel around for their shoes. Which ever ones they pick – they have to guess who they belong to, or put them back on their feet! Our kids love this game.

Shoe Monster

The children take off one of their shoes. While children cover their eyes, the teacher or other designated “shoe monster” hides the shoes. Then it’s time to search the room for your shoe. Repeat allowing others to be the monster.

The kids can play a game called Shoe Relay. Each child takes off one of their shoes and puts it in a pile. One group of kids line up on one side, and one group on the other. When the teacher says go, the two kids run to the pile of shoes and try to find their shoe and put it on. If the children are able to tie their shoes, then let them. This will make it a little more challenging for the older children.

A great way to talk about pairs, matching, and left/right. Have children take off their shoes and place in the middle of the circle. Mix up the shoes, then one by one, each child matches their own shoes. Works great with about 15 children or less.