Shoe Art

After reading the Foot book. I brought in some old shoes and the children painted the bottoms of the shoes and made shoe prints. We observed the different prints. We called it “Feet! Feet! Feet! Oh, how many feet I meet!” We also painted the students feet and did feet prints the children love doing this and for a picture frame around our foot print we cut out shoes from magazines and newspaper ads.

Have the children to stand on a piece of cardboard and trace their foot. Cut it out and let them decorate it as they like and then punch holes in the spots where the shoe string goes. Give each child a shoe string and let them use the shoe for lacing.

Place a long sheet of butcher paper on the floor. Allow the children to step in shallow containers of paint and then walk on the paper. This can also be done with bare feet. This can be a very messy project-it is best if it can be done outdoors.

I discovered this activity quite by accident when a child stepped in play dough and the impression of his shoe appeared. The entire class began making “shoe prints which we allowed to dry and then compared.

Have children paint with shoe strings. You can use different types for different patterns.

Shoe Designs #2

Butcher paper
Shallow containers filled with paint

Ask the parents in your class to send with their children a pair of OLD shoes. Take your easel outside and have the children use the soles of their shoes to paint with. Compare each “sole” creation. How are the different? How are they the same?

Shoe Designs

Materials: Crayons, paper, shoes

Have the children take off one of their shoes. Next, have them turn it over and place a piece of paper on the sole and rub their crayons on the paper. Compare the children’s rubbings to see how different each one is!