Shape Snacks

During “Shapes & Sizes” theme, we make English Muffin pizzas. Give each child one toasted English muffin and let them add the rest! Include pizza sauce in a bowl with spoons, grated cheese & other “allergy safe” toppings such as: pepperoni, pineapple…then bake at 400 degrees until the cheese is melted. The children really like this activity while experiencing circles!

Have a Shape House for Snack, A piece of bread for the square house. A half a piece of sliced sandwich cheese in a triangle shape for the roof. A rectangle piece of lunchmeat for the door and circle shaped pickle slices for the windows. This is fun to make and good to eat.

When learning about circles, I take a can of “Grands” biscuits, lay them on the cookie sheet and take a round object (usually the lid from my NEW, UNUSED large water bottle) and cut the center out–just like a doughnut. I bake the biscuits and the “biscuit holes”. When they are done, I fill the hole with strawberry jam. The kids love tearing pieces of the biscuit off and dipping it into the jam! They do the same thing with the “biscuit hole.” Before eating we talk about the 4 circles we have (the outside circle of the biscuit, the inside circle of the biscuit, the “biscuit hole”, and the circular paper plate that we are eating off of! CIRCLES EVERYWHERE!

Different shaped cookies can be made for snack time. They can also be different colors.

at lunch time cut your sandwich bread into triangle or rectangle shapes, if the crust is dry cut out circle shapes with a glass and serve with the other shapes and ask the child if they want a circle triangle or rectangle shape. You also can count the sides of the shape. It’s a easy to do.

Try Cheez-it’s, Triscuits (triangle and square), Ritz. Name each shape!