Shape Games

Name That Shape- You need a feely box. Find and gather up different shaped objects you find around your house or classroom. You will need to have at least one object for each student. Examples are a circle coaster, a square napkin, a triangle marker, a rectangle playing card, etc. Place the objects in the box. Have a child pick an object out of the box then tell what it is and the shape it is. You can make it harder by requesting a child to find a certain shape. Have fun.

We play a game called Akka,Bakka,Soda Cracker with colored shapes. The children sit in a circle and each takes a colored shape out of the shape box. When all of the children have a colored shape I will ask all the children who have a red square to hold it up, all who have a blue circle hold it up, etc. The questions can become more difficult such as all who have shapes that are not round hold them up, etc. I ask just one question and then we chant “Akka, Bakka, Soda Cracker, Akka Bakka Boo, Akka, Bakka, Soda Cracker, Pass them on to you” and each child passes his shape on to the child on his left and another question is asked. Four year olds take a little while to learn this since it involves several skills, but once they understand, they love it.

Shape Lacing: A great way to reinforce shapes and develop fine motor skills is to make copies of large shapes, laminate, cut out and punch holes all around the shape (w/a hole puncher). Children will lace with yarn all around each shape. They last for a long time because they are laminated and it’s a project they can do over and over again.

I use cube shape gift boxes to make “shape dice” I glue a different shape in each side and use contact paper to protect it. We play different games w/it and it is great for Shape Recognition. You can also do this with letters, numbers anything you want!

~Shape File Folder Game~

Cut out 2 of each of the following shapes in different colors. circle, square, rectangle, diamond, hexagon, triangle, etc… Glue one of each shape to the inside of a file folder. Glue a white envelope to the back of the folder and place the remaining shapes inside the envelope. This becomes a quick and easy matching game for the children and helps them to learn their shapes.

In our preschool program we have an exercise time, so once I cut out huge shapes, one of each (triangle, square, circle and rectangle). They were all different colors and had been laminated. Then I wrote an exercise on each one (jumping jacks, twisting, jumping and running in place). So every time you hold up a shape the children would do that exercise (with the help of watching the teacher). You can also hold 2 up at a time. I also used the song Wipe Out from the George of the Jungle CD. The children Loved this!!! At the end you can review the shapes and their colors.