Shape Games

Every month we introduce a new shape in our 3yr.old classroom. I make up calendar #’s for each shape. In Sept. we have all circles on our calendar. In Oct. we introduce the triangle. I alternate circle and triangle for our calendar #’s. Each day as we add another shape with the correct # on it we try to guess which shape it will be. The children quickly get the idea of the patterning. We even make a little song out of the name of the shapes as we recite their name. I include up to three shapes in our pattern. But depending on the abilities of your group more could be added. Then we always clap or stomp out the number of days are up to.

Shapes This idea came from my twin sister who is a physical education teacher. We have used it in my classroom for young pre-school age 3 and they love it. I laminated different shapes with the basic primary and secondary colors. I have cards that show shapes and colors. I give each child a card for a shape and tell them what the name is and describe it. They then take their card and put the card on top of the shape that is on the wall. With my color chart we use that color cards. This chart is near the shapes so they can use the chart or the color on the shapes.

Use a poster size pad of paper and divide into 8 equal sections. Cut out, in colored paper, shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, star, diamond, heart, etc.) and glue/tape them to the poster paper. Place the game “board” on the floor. Have the children, one at a time, throw a bean bag onto the “board” and name the shape and corresponding color. Whoever names three shapes correctly first “wins” the game. Can be fun even with one child.

Four Corner Shape Game-

Attach one shape to a wall in each of the corners of your classroom. A different shape should be in each corner.(circle, square, triangle, and rectangle) Choose one child to “hide” eyes at your meeting area or somewhere in the classroom. Ask all the other children to go to a corner and stand quietly. The person hiding their eyes then calls out a shape. The children standing in that corner are out. Have them sit at the table or another specific area of the room. Choose another person to hide eyes. Repeat this sequence until the last person is standing in a corner. My Pre k children loved this game and it really help those children having difficulty identifying shapes.

Musical Shapes. Place large cutouts of shapes on the floor in a circle. Have the children step from shape to shape while you play music. Stop the music and have each child tell you what shape they are standing on.

The children really enjoy I Spy Shapes. Each child takes a turn, they look around the room and find a shape. They recite “I spy with my little eye a _____ (shape)” The other children try to guess what the “it” child spied.