Shape Art

When we learn about circles, we dip plastic cups into paint or stamp pads and then we press them onto paper to make lots of circle designs!!!

Cut a shape frame out of construction paper. Put clear contact paper on one side. Have small paper shapes cut from different colored paper. The children can stick the shapes to the contact paper to make a neat collage. Hang these from the ceiling for great mobiles. I work with under 2’s so this is a great alternative to using glue.

Shape Book:

We make a Shape Book by using different media for each page. For circles the children use paper towels rolls or corks dipped in different color paints. For triangles I will give them precut triangles in different types and colors to paste. For squares I will give them a template to paint on. For squares they can do rubbings.

Somewhere on the page I write the name of the shape as a sight word.

For the cover I give them a circle, a square, a triangle and 4 rectangles to make a shape person. They become quite creative.

Circles – When we are learning about circles, I cut out large circles from construction paper and have children stamp circle shapes, all sizes, on them using empty toilet tissue rolls, plastic cups, corks, etc. dipped in paint. When dry I have the students glue on circles such as cheerios and buttons. I also give them smiley face stickers to add. We do circles in Sept. and the color of that month is red, so I make the large circle out of red paper to also reinforce our color of the month.

This idea can be used in a number of areas. We used this idea to teach shapes and letters. Boil some long spaghetti noodles and let the children play with them in a small group. You can show them that the spaghetti will make different shapes. Let the children decide what shape they want the noodle to be in. (You can have shapes already cut out or traced on a paper so they can form the shape easily.) Let the noodles sit out in open air for a while. Surprise… you have shaped noodles!

In our preschool class we made construction paper shape chickens we used large yellow ovals as the body, then we traced out the kids hand prints out of yellow construction paper for the chickens wings and attached these to each side, we used small black circles for his eyes and a orange triangle for his beak, also two orange triangles were glued to the bottom for his feet, the kids loved them and it made a cute keepsake for the parents, write the child’s name and the date on the back.