Shabbat Preschool Ideas

shabbat preschool

Shabbat Preschool Ideas

Shabbat preschool curriculum ideas for preschoolers through second grade.

To the tune of “London Bridges”

Put a chicken in the pot
Stir it up Nice and hot
Get it ready for Shabbat
For Shabbat.

Add other ingredients as children dictate (carrot, onion, some salt…) Use stirring motion for “stir it up”.

To the tune of row, row, row your boat

Shabbat, Shabbat, Shabbat
Shalom Every Friday night
We sing and dance And eat challah
Every Shabbos night!

Tune:  I’ve Got The Joy Joy Joy Down In My Heart

I’ve got that Shabbat feeling up in my head,
up in my head, up in my head.
I’ve got that Shabbat feeling up in my head,
and it’s up in my head to stay.

I, ve got that Shabbat feeling down in my toes,
down in my toes, down in my toes.
I’ve got that Shabbat feeling down in my toes,
and it’s down in my toes to stay.

-deep in my heart -all over me (using motions throughout the song)


What do you do on Shabbat, on Shabbat What do you do on Shabbat? (sings the teacher)

Well, we always (kids fill in the blank: eat the challah, light the candles, etc.) on Shabbat, on Shabbat!

I Love Shabbat.. Yes I do
I Love Shabbat…You do too
Shabbat is a day of rest..
Shabbat.. We love you best!

This Shabbat preschool game is called pass The challah.

1: Draw a picture of a challah on a plate or tape a picture onto a Frisbee.

2: Players form a circle on hands and knees, with heads facing inwards.

3: The challah is placed on the middle on one persons back. They must wiggle it onto the next back without using their hands. If the challah falls, it is picked up and placed on the back of the person who last had it. Play continues until the challah is returned to the first player.

To add to our usual celebration of candle lighting, Challah, and grape juice, we made our own grape juice. I brought in green and red grapes and my juice extractor. First we tasted the grapes and compared flavors. Then we made green grape juice and then red juice. Everyone had a taste of both. For our art activity, we decorated clear plastic champagne cups with permanent markers and made our own kiddush cups to take home.

Make your own “baby challah” by using three knee highs. Stuff each knee high with pillow stuffing. Next, tie the three knee highs together and braid. When you are finished making your “baby challah” a blankie by using felt. Decorate the felt and make a beautiful challah cover.

Take some butcher paper & measure the right length of the table or tables. Have the children decorate it with Shabbat pictures, handprints, free-form, etc. Laminate it and use as a Shabbat tablecloth each week.

The kids each get a shoe box to decorate. Usually, painting it first, letting it dry and then adding Shabbat stickers or cut-outs. We fill it with things that we have made the rest of the week like candlesticks, Challah cover, Kiddush cup and the day before we send it home, we make fresh mini challahs with each kid. This is meaningful, and organized way to take all their Shabbat crafts home. (Hint: the morning you make challah, before doing the real thing, put out play dough to let children practice braiding).

Challah covers. Use white handkerchiefs. Have children place the colored tissue on handkerchiefs. Children spray water on handkerchiefs, tissue will bleed onto handkerchiefs. Let them dry. They look great.

Placemats: Take construction paper. Have children decorate with any materials you like, but I used Jewish stars, wrapping paper with Jewish themes. Then Write each child’s name on their placemat. Cover with laminate or clear contact paper and have the children use this as their own personalized placemat when you do Shabbat.

Shabbat Preschool Ideas

Shabbat preschool curriculum ideas for preschoolers through second grade.