Sensory Snacks


Finger paint with pudding
You need Chocolate, vanilla, and butterscotch pudding mixes
6c. whole milk
Cookie sheets
White construction paper

Make the puddings following package directions.
Place a large spoon full of each flavor on a cookie sheet.
Finger paint in the pudding. Licking fingers is recommended!
When the painting is done, lay a piece of paper over the painting. Remove to see your picture.
Serve the rest of the pudding for snack.

Bring in various items to taste salty, sweet, bitter, sour and have the children taste each item and say what they thought the taste was.

To teach children about their sense of taste, have a tasting party. Prepare all different distinctly tasting foods (peanut butter, strawberries, pickles, etc.) in little cups. Have the children close their eyes and give each on a taste. Have them take turns guessing what it was that they ate. The children love this activity and so do parents because it exposes picky eaters to a wider variety of foods. Please check with parents about food allergies before attempting this activity.

banana rainbow–use different flavor of gelatin and let child dip sliced bananas into dry powder this is fun as well as educational

For a fun snack use large marshmallow. Have the children make taffy with them. Then the children dip the marshmallows into cheerios. The children enhance their fine motor skills with the making of taffy and they get a tasty textured treat. When they eat it, use a dictation chart and write down how they say it tastes.