Sensory Science

Ice Cube Sensory Trays: Take Ice Cube Tray. Collect 12 small pieces of material/objects, each feeling different than each other. (Example, sandpaper, fur, felt, batting, silk, netting, wood, sponge) Cut material to fit in each compartment of the tray. Attach with hot glue. Allow children to feel different objects and discuss the differences.

Try making a rainbow of color! I take uncooked rice and divide it up into different bowls. I then add one package of kool-aid and enough water so that the rice soaks up the color. I then place it on cookie sheets and warm it in the oven to help it dry faster. I then leave it out until it is hard and not sticky (usually overnight, depends on how much water you use.) When I pour it into the sensory bin I make rows side by side of all the different colors, like a rainbow. The kids love the bright colors and they great smell. We add scoops and pails etc. so they can mix it and pour it. The more you play with it the more the smell comes out!!


I made this with the kids and they love it. Even the parents couldn’t stop touching it!!

Solution A 1 cup of white glue 1 cup of water 2 tsp of liquid tempera paint or a few drops of food coloring

Solution B 4 TBSP Borax 1 1/3 cup of warm water

mix in separate bowls, making sure the borax is completely dissolved. then SLOWLY pour solution A into solution B DO NOT MIX roll solution A around once or twice in solution B then remove knead solution A for two or three minutes then have fun with it. Store in a Ziploc bag or air tight container. Best of all the final product doesn’t leave a mess behind it stays all together.

Pop hot air popcorn

Gather the class around the hot air popper. Put kernels in small different sized containers (tsp/ half cup /cup) have the class estimate which container will be enough to feed the class. While the popcorn is popping talk about the different senses you are using. (Smell, Hear, See.) When it is done discuss predictions then let the children Touch the popcorn and taste it. Enjoy!

Scratch and Sniff Paint For the sense of smell I made this easy scratch and sniff paint. A little goes a long way. Mix 1pkg. of Flavored drink mix( kool-aid), with some water, about 1 or 2 TBS. I had the children paint pictures of grapes, strawberries, and oranges. When the paint dries all you have to do is scratch and sniff. Also it makes the room smell great!