Sensory Art

Sense of Touch Give each child a cut out of a hand (an adult hand works best). Allow children to glue on various textures. I used sm. squares of sandpaper, sm. cubes of sponge, corrugated paper, fake fur and smooth paper.

For the five senses I had the children paint with their noses. They each had their own small plate with white paint. They chose the color of paper they wanted, and they dipped their nose into the paint, then onto the colored construction paper. I even took pictures of them doing this activity. They loved it!

Sensory Stimulation

For extra sensory input try starting out with letting the children play with shaving cream gradually add paint to the shaving cream then sand. To help with the mess, tape wax paper to your work surface then simply pull it up and throw away.

Five Senses Art: Pre-cut a gingerbread man shape from rough sandpaper. Draw on facial features and buttons using marker (or allow older children to do their own). Children glue this onto construction paper of their choice. Then they “color” their gingerbread man with a cinnamon stick. They can taste the cinnamon if they wish before coloring with it. They can smell the cinnamon, and hear the way it scratches on the sandpaper. They can see the difference in color when they rub the cinnamon stick on the sandpaper, and they can feel the difference between the smooth construction paper and the rough sandpaper. All five senses are covered in this little project, and it is a great discussion starter. (Bonus: it makes your room smell heavenly!)

Boil spaghetti noodles, and 1/4 cup of oil as directed on package. Allow pasta to cool, then place in large ziplock bag with liquid watercolor or food color. Mix around until all the pasta is colored. Put pasta in tubs for children to play with or practice using scissors. Give children white construction paper. Have child place some colored spaghetti on the paper, press down gently, then remove. This makes a beautiful picture, and is a good sensory activity for the children!

Apply Contact brand paper to a table top with the sticky side facing up, cover the entire table. Supply children with assorted collage materials (may be thematic, seasonal, specific colors, etc.) and allow the creativity to flow. I usually call this the community collage table, even adults like to add to it. When finished remove and hang!