School Fundraising Ideas

Our preschool has held a yard sale for the past three years and we have been able to raise over $2,000.00 each year. We have been able to buy new playground equipment and cubbies for our rooms. The parents help mark the items ahead of time and we have plenty of moms, dads, grandmothers, etc. that come out on Saturday morning and help with the sale and afterward, anything that is left over is donated to various charities.

We hold a Breakfast with Santa in December. We serve pancakes, sausage, bacon, coffee, milk and juice. A dad dresses up as Santa and we sell pictures of the children with Santa. The children perform the Christmas Story and sing carols. It not only raises money it’s a lot of fun.

Our center host a Saturday morning presentation of workshops for other child care providers in the area. This is our fourth year to host what has become an annual event. We charge $10 registration. This year we have 20 different presentations scheduled. I contact local and area trainers, and ask them to do either something they already have put together, or a presentation they are working on to present at a larger conference and would like to try out. A make and take is always scheduled for an extra cost.

We have been making batches of cooked playdough dividing it into three and selling it to parents and friends for two dollars in sealable sandwich bags. Has done very well and later in the year we plan to take it to the local street fair.

Preschool Pennydrive – Each summer our school participates in a penny drive. Each class is in competition against each other. We each have large jars located outside the office which our class has decorated. The idea is to earn the most money for your class. Pennies count FOR your class. Silver counts AGAINST your class. Dollars counts FOR your class. We earn a lot of money each year for playground toys and have some good fun with each other! I just love dumping silver in other people’s jars! Each class comes out a winner. Last place classes get ice cream cones as prizes. The Second place class receives a sundae with whipped cream, syrup, bananas, the works! The class in first place wins a pizza party and sundaes! YUMMY!!!

We are having a Parent’s Night Out to raise startup money for a new Children’s Day Out program at my church.Preschool Board Members and teachers hired so far are going to provide a fun night for kids. No set charge for the night,just donations. The response has been overwhelming.

We purchased 10 pink plastic flamingos (lawn decorations). We picked 10 yards in our community to be the lucky recipients. In order to get the flamingos out of their lawn, they had to call the phone number attached to their neck (along with all the pertinent information of course) and for a $10 donation, they could have the flamingo removed and sent to a yard of their choice. We did this for a month and moved them daily. Takes allot of organization, but it was lots of fun and we raised about $1200. We are a rather small community (7,000). You can email for more information and any questions.

We are doing a neat simple fund-raiser this year. Throughout the year whenever I take pictures I always go somewhere I can get doubles for free. I used the doubles to make a pre-school memory book. At the spring program we sell raffle tickets for this photo book. The parents really want this book that shows everything their child did in pre-school this year.

Collect easy, healthy recipes for kids. Put them all in your preschool cookbooks and sell them to parents of your kids or other parents.

We had a pumpkin festival in November. A Board Member donated pumpkins for the children to paint. One of our “talented” community leaders donated his time and templates for the children to follow. The Board Member and friends of the Board baked all “pumpkin” baked goods. We had a pumpkin pie bake-off that was judged by our local celebrity cooking school teacher. We served pumpkin pie along with hot beverages. We also ran a 50/50 and had a gourmet fruit basket on display that we sold chances on. We had hay bales for seats for the kids. we had corn stalks to tie around the tent poles–it was a wonderfully festive day that made us $1,000. and with 100% of all supplies and expenses underwritten- the entire amount went into the treasury. Since this hasn’t been done before, it was a novelty event. It was also only our first year doing it- this year will be much better..we learned many things from our “first one”.. any suggestions as to how we could enhance our activity would be welcome and appreciated.