School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas

In a town near where I live, the public library raised allot of money with this simple idea. They asked town workers and private citizens–everyone and anyone in town who drove or owned a large truck, tractor, earth mover etc. to park their vehicles in the library parking lot on a Sunday afternoon. They roped the lot off and charged admission. They posted flyers and signboards around their town and neighboring towns and sent out news releases. Hundreds of families came with their young children to see fire trucks, ambulances, dump trucks, backhoes. Some proud owners polished up their vehicles for the occasion and stood bye to answer the kid’s questions or even let them climb in or on the vehicle.

For a great fundraiser: Make 2 or 3 dozen sugar cookies. If there is a holiday that is close by, you could make the cookies out of a certain shape, such as a heart for Valentine’s or a tree for Christmas. Then give the kids a plastic knife or spoon and some icing and let them decorate away. Very fun and easy to do!!

Every year our school has a winter festival. In addition to a chili supper, games, cake walk, etc. we have an auction. The items auctioned off are baskets containing items of a certain theme.(Bath, picnic, game, college, baby, etc.) Each class draws the name of a theme and collects donated items for their basket. When the baskets are auctioned, the proceeds go to the school and the class whose basket brought in the most money wins a pizza party.

Our preschool sells holiday wreaths each year. People who would usually buy a wreath from a nursery or hardware store, are happy to invest in our preschool especially when they are getting the same thing.

The kindergarten and preschool class in my school worked together to make cinnamon ornaments during their activity times. We baked them and then sold the ornaments to those in the school. The profit is used to by gifts for needy children, so we all take a field trip to the mall to pick out our gifts for the child. It’s fun and the kids also learn about sharing with others who aren’t as fortunate as they are.

One of our first-grade classes had a popcorn sale that ran for about four days for a few hours a day – early morning and at lunchtime. Plastic bags, popcorn, oil, etc. were all donated to the classes and a popcorn maker was borrowed from a local civic group. Lots of popping is involved at 25 cents a bag, but they made over $300 dollars.

I am the director of a church preschool. Each fall the Sunday School Director and I ask our teachers for a list of items they’d like to have in their classroom. We place those items on a bulletin board. This year’s theme was “Go Nuts for the Kids”. We had an oak tree with fall colored leaves and a squirrel holding an acorn. Each “wish list” item was written on a separate acorn. Parents and church members are encouraged to choose an acorn off the board, purchase the item and return it to the church. We even include big-ticket items. Last year someone purchased a tabletop laminator! This year’s board has been up about 10 day and half the acorns are gone! Next month’s board will be a thank you card made by the children.

Make a recipe book and write the real recipe and on the back let the preschooler write their recipe for the same food dish and perhaps draw a picture. Compile all the recipes and put together a recipe book and market it.

We are currently running a great fund-raiser which is bringing in quite a bit of money. We purchased a $50 dollar gift certificate for a romantic dinner at a fine local restaurant and added $20 cash to cover the cost of a babysitter. We provided each family with raffle tickets that only they could purchase…enrolled families only. Parents just love the idea of the chance to win a free night out ALONE!

We have a Preschool Fall Mum Sale at our school. We contacted a local nursery and got the mums for $2.25 each and then sold them for $5.00 each or 3 for $13.00. We sent home order forms and collected money in advance. We also took 100 Mums on consignment to sell at our Church Bazaar that day. We did very well with this and plan on doing it again this fall.

My idea for fundraising is to get every parent to bring in a favorite recipe and if permissible a picture of their child,or a crafty fun page to add to the book .allow the children to make their own picture for the front of each book,that way each child was involved in the making of their own personal cookbook. you’ve created a fabulous recipe cookbook from your very own preschool.Its a neat idea and money permissible ideas to create for this is unlimited.I know last year we had a wonderful time planning and making each book.When we finished,we had each child add his/her name to the book,we cut side holes to bind book together and luckily we had extra money to laminate the front and back pages.We sold 45 books at $3.00,and people today are still asking if we will do it again this year.