School Fundraising Ideas

For several years we’ve had a silent auction during our spring school carnival. We’ve asked for donations of theme baskets from our parents. Themes such as birdhouses, exploration, beach, father’s day, and gardening have been donated. Items that follow the theme of gardening could include garden gloves, small shovel, a spray attachment for the hose, seed packets, a seed catalog, a kneeling pad, a sun visor, etc. The basket could be a large flower pot. At the silent auction, a minimum bid was written at the top of each bid sheet. Then individuals write their name and their bid. During the evening folks would look at the sheet and raise their bids. We’ve had 20-25 baskets donated each year and raised about $700. It’s easy and lots of fun!

This year at my daughter’s church preschool the children all made beautiful leaf prints and cut out “frames” with construction paper to frame them with. They attached string on the back to hang them from. Then when the church had its annual fall festival, the prints were all hung on a board with their names on them and were sold for $3.00 each. What more wonderful way to raise money than that? Everyone would surely buy their own child’s creation! And they were just beautiful. I thought that was the best idea I have seen in a while.

Although this may be hard for preschool children to do it would be hilarious if you could get their parents to participate. you have the children or parents get sponsors and see who can teeter-totter (or you can do rocking chairs) the longest. this can make for some great laughs and money. you could perhaps have parents and children trade-off. (one group that did this had a break policy but you had to get someone to take your place and hope they can continue while you use the restroom, etc.) you could also give food to the people rocking (perhaps charge for this) and provide entertainment.

For the past three or four years, our school has held a “Christmas Shopping Days”. Members of the PTA gather inexpensive items all year long to sell at the event. (Best deals are right after Christmas!) We get a group of volunteers to run the “store” and help the kids with their purchases. The teacher’s use this event to help the children learn counting and math skills. Parents love it because this frees up some time in which they don’t have to take the kids out themselves! And the kids LOVE it because they are picking out gifts for their family, and it’s all kept a secret! This has been an excellent fundraiser for us, very worthwhile!

Every year we have a “Carnival”. Each class has three booths. We get cute little prizes out of magazines and the kids and parents get to spend some time together at school. We have cupcake walks, fishing, duck pond, face painting, all that regular carnival stuff. We also had door prized donated from parents and local businesses. Last time we had over$800 dollars for computer software. It was really cool.

Here’s a fun idea that I am going to try during the Fall/Harvest/Halloween season. Buy a bunch of pumpkins and have the children decorate them with paint, yarn, hats, glasses, etc….. Be creative. When all the pumpkins are done, either have an auction or just put them up for sale.

A great fundraiser that we have done beginning this school year is a clothing sale. Parents donate good clean clothing, toys and books. The Preschool takes what they can use first and then a sale in Sept. Preschool gets 50% and other 50% goes to the Children’s Clothing Closet for underprivileged children in our County. One of the parents head it up and make sure the items are in good condition. As director all I had to do was take in the donations for her to pick up.

Our preschool is currently conducting a great fundraising project. We call it “GIVE & TAKE”. On a big foam board located outside of the classroom families can post services they are willing to GIVE or services they want to TAKE. Each service has a pledged donation amount that will go to the preschool. When a family selects a service they remove the pledge card and present it to the author. Examples are: to GIVE – babysitting @ $5 an hour, a home cooked meal delivered to your home for $20, a day with the teacher for $30. To TAKE – furniture moving @ $75, Saturday babysitting for a $25 donation, “taxi service home” for two children @ $10 a week. And because these are donations to the school families can claim them on their taxes. The list continues to grow and is a perfect fundraiser for our cooperative preschool.

Some of the things that we have done are trike-a-thons, silent auctions, 50/50 drawings, drawings with prizes donated by different businesses, pizza cards.

I teach at a Headstart program & our parents group raised about $400 in just two weeks. They simply asked parents & community businesses to donate items, anything from homemade to store bought, and sold raffle tickets for $1 each. The top item was a cake with $25 in the middle of it.