School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas

Over 50 unique school fundraising ideas for preschools, churches, and other educational institutions.

Our school raised money for their new playground equipment by placing large juice containers in each room. The program was named “Pennies for the Playground” Each class was to see how many pennies they could bring in. The class with the most was given a pizza lunch. We raised about $1000.

The Burger King in our area has “benefits” to support area groups like Girl Scouts, M.O.P.S., etc.. All you do is arrange with the Burger King the date and time, for example, Friday the 5th from 3-5pm and they donate a percentage of the sales during that time! You just need to get as many people as possible to eat there during that time so that you get the most money possible. The Burger King here says they did one for the Girl Scouts last month and the girls made $500 in those couple hours!!

This is a Fundraiser that everyone who has ever gone to McDonald’s will love! McDonald’s will have a School night for your school. In our area, our school system uses it a lot. McDonald’s will have for example an Oakhurst Elementary Night. They donate to that school 25% of all monies that come in from 5 pm to 7 pm. This is generally one of McDonald’s busiest times so the money can be quite great! Each area may have a different percentage that they donate. It seems to be about 20% to 25% as a general rule. All you need to do is go to the McDonald’s nearest to the school or Pre-School and ask about their Fundraising program. Another thing that they do is the Class who has the most attendance gets an ice cream party! This helps bring in the students and their families in as well as the general public. Good Luck!

We have a “bike-a-thon at our preschool. The children come to school with their tricycles, bicycles, or big wheels. We mark off a path around the school, so we don’t have to cross any streets. The children go around until they are tired. This is usually 35 minutes. We give prizes for the best-decorated bike, and for the most pledges brought in. Last year we raised over $700 with just 30 children.

Have your kids sell clocks in which you have taken out the original paper, traced the shape onto another paper. Have each child put their art onto it. Next insert it back into the clock. Photos would work too.

I organized a schoolyard sale for the pre-school where I teach. I asked the parents to bring in items from home that they would be willing to donate to the cause. We had to set up a bigger area than we thought as the response from the parents was great! I went through and priced the items and let the parents, as well as the community, know that the fundraising $$ was for field trips that summer. We, teachers, donated 4 hrs. of our time on a Sat. to the cause, as we wanted to have special field trips as well! We raised $385.00 in 4 hrs. Another thought, next time I do this I will have an igloo full of sodas for sale as well. It was a hot day! It is also a good way to promote your school to the community and pass out brochures to families at the “check out” stand.

For a fundraiser, the center that I work in is holding a cinema night. We found a small cinema that was willing to have us and we are holding a movie evening. To entice parents we are offering a supper that includes champagne and sandwiches. They are all looking forward to it.

Cute ideas for individual class fundraising. Our class this year raised money for their class by having a Bake Sale. Each child was responsible for bringing in a baked good and on that particular day the sold it to the rest of the school during snack time. Our school consists of approx 60 kids and our class made over $150 towards their end of the year class trip. They learned to use their manners selling and how to count out change.

I can’t take credit for this idea, our preschool does this on an on-going basis. Scan children’s artwork and note cards out of them. Place the child’s name and age on the back of the card along with the preschool’s name. Our preschool packages them in a clear plastic bag tied up with a pretty ribbon. They make some with several works of the same child for family members (great at Christmas time) and some with various works of various children for the general public. It is a novel idea and people like the idea of purchasing note cards that are made by a child they know. (Most family members have a hard time using them, though. The ones that I have given are being framed by grandparents!)

Have you ever wondered what to do with all the fabulous artwork that the children create? This year in my head start classroom we decided to have an art auction. Many of the parents volunteered to make flyers and also worked with the children to create exciting masterpieces to sell. Many of the pieces will be framed and auctioned off. The starting bid to be $2.00.

A local preschool raised money by having a parent’s night out. On a designated evening, parents brought their child in their PJ’s with a pillow to the preschool. The staff provided a entertainment, a snack and a movie over the course of 2 to 3 hours. Parents paid $5 an hour and were able to leave and have a night to themselves knowing their children were in great hands. All the money parents paid for “babysitting” was used for items the preschool needed. Parents love it and so do the kids!!! Easy way to get parents involved and raise money.