School Bus

I used this with my class of nine (4-year-olds) when we were in dramatic play. I used chairs from our lunch table and lined them up by twos with one in front as you would see on a school bus, and we took turns being the bus driver and students off to school. The class had a lot of fun pretending to drive to school and unload the bus. I even had one tell the class to remember to put on their seatbelts before he took off.

Make a bus using Twinkies and small Oreo cookies for wheels. Attach with frosting or cool whip.

School Bus: Materials:   Box of off brand Twinkies ( they are actually yellower), large package of caramel Rolos, pretzels, chocolate chips

Directions: 1) wash hands 2) give each child a Twinkie 3) have each child take bite off the top left corner 4) stick 2 pretzel sticks through the sides of the Twinkie (to make front & back axels) 5) put 1 Rolo on each pretzel stick ends (for wheels) 6) put 4 chocolate chips on Twinkie (point side in) to make people

I did this project with my preschoolers, and they loved it! You need yellow & black paint, crayons, and egg cartons. Cut egg cartons in half and give one to each child. Have them place it on the table upside down, so the bumps are facing up. Have each child paint cartons yellow & black for wheels on the bottom or you can also precut black circles from construction paper and have children glue on the bottom for wheels. When the carton dries you have a bus! When it is completely dry, the children can draw (or paint) children & a driver on the bus!

We draw a large school bus and let the children paint it yellow. Then we make windows; 1 for each child. We give them a mirror and have them look in the mirror and draw themselves in the window of the bus.

The Wheels on the Bus Provide a stencil (make one out of tagboard) and have the child trace it on yellow construction paper, the child can cut it out. Then provide empty spools and a saucer of paint. The child can dip the spool in the paint and then on the bus.