Safety Games

Flannel Board Story – Rabbit’s in the Hole – In the forest there were little rabbits who went to rabbit school. One day the teacher rabbit told them about the woodcutters who come into the forest and cut down the trees. When the trees fall down it is not safe so the rabbits need to hide under the surrounding rocks. If you hear the special words, “Rabbits in the Hole” Hop as fast as you can into your hole under the rocks. The little bunnies listened to their teacher bunny and practiced going into their holes under the rock. One day, the woodcutters came into the forest and started cutting down the trees. The teacher bunny called “Rabbits in the Hole” and all the little bunnies hopped into the holes under the rocks. They did such a good job, nobody got hurt…. Now we are going to practice just like the little rabbits.