Royalty Art

Medieval Princess hats- shape a large piece of paper into a cone shape. Decorate with sequins, glitter etc. Add streamers, ribbon, and a tie for around the neck.

Medieval Crowns for the boys- take gold foil paper and attach to sturdy construction paper- add jewels, sequins and glitter to decorate, staple in crown shape to fit child’s head.

Coat of Arms for Knights-take a piece of heavy cardboard, cover with aluminum foil, then let them decorate with felt, sequins. Shield can be divided into four parts, and they can also draw a certain thing in each section. 1. family 2.foods, 3.animals 4.colors.

Crowns My children enjoy making crowns and pretending to be Kings and Queens. All we do is cut out a crown shape (with a zig-zag top) from cardboard and cover it in aluminum foil. Then they collage it with sequins and glitter.


Cut crown shapes out of construction paper. Let children pick the color they want to use. Have glue and all sorts of things to glue onto the crown for jewels. Suggestions: sequins, glitter, foil wrapping paper, diamond shapes cut out of construction paper, etc. Fit around child’s head and staple.

I cut “sand” castles out of heavy paper and the children painted glue on with Q-tips. We sprinkled on colored sand, one color at a time and made wonderful sand castles