Rosh Hashana Art

Here is a creative hands-on activity for the children to do!  1. Give the children a big piece of clay. Have them work the clay by kneading, banging, and throwing it (great for developing muscles in their hands, which is necessary for fine motor skills).  2. Have the children roll out the clay until it is flat but not too thin.  3. Have the children work with a partner for this next step. Give them Popsicle sticks and have the children take turns tracing (carving) out each others hands.  4. Children will then glue a plastic cup onto the center of their clay hands.  5. Gently fold clay fingers around plastic cup so that it looks as if the hand is holding the cup.  6. Let dry and apply Mod Podge to seal. 

Apple and Honey Plate.

You will need: large red plastic plate, red plastic cup, brown construction paper (cut into rectangles for apple stems), 2 green leaves for each child and a picture of a bee for each child.

On the cups, have each child cut slits about 1/3 the way down from the to.  Then have them fold them back so it looks like a flower.  On one of the petals, glue a bee.  Glue the stem and the leaves to the top of the plate so it looks like an apple.  Glue the cup to the plate.

I make Rosh Hashanah L’Shana Tova cards with my pre-k kids using apples as a stamp.  To do this, you need white (or colored) fairly sturdy stock paper (about 8×11 or larger.)  Fold the paper in half.  The card is going to be decorated with apple stamps.  Cut apples in half and dip them in paint (you don’t need a lot of paint here; you’re going for a stencil effect.)  Have the children decorate their cards with the apple “stamps.”  I then record their personal greeting inside the card.

Mosaic Apples:

Cut large apples out of paper (white).  Then cut tissue paper/construction paper in green, yellow and red.  Children glue them inside the apples.  This is also a good way to review colors.



To make simple Shofars, you will need large, white, light weight paper plates.  Fold the plates in half, cutting into the shape of a .  Then, using a paper hole punch, punch holes around the Shofar.  Give children a large piece of yarn, and then can sew a Shofar.  These can be colored or painted.

Draw (or have the children trace) the outline of a honey jar on a manila folder.  The bottom of the jar should be on the fold of the folder, so the jar will have a front and back when “opened”.  Have children cut out the jar, leaving the fold uncut.  When jar is cut, have children open it and paint the inside with honey.  They can then open and close the “honey jar” repeatedly and listen to the really fun sound it makes as it is opened and closed.  The outside of the jar can be decorated before or after the honey is painted inside.  When you send them home, make sure to put them in a Ziploc bag before putting them in tote bags, as they can be sticky and messy.  The kids and parents love opening and closing the jars over and over again.


Apple and Honey Decoupage Plate.

Find clear or transparent colored plastic plates (the hard kind you could clean in the dishwasher.)  I found some orange ones in a dollar store.  Cut up lots and lots of small squares of multicolored tissue paper or cellophane.  Have the children decoupage the bottom (back side, not the side you’d eat on) of them with large brushes and Mod Podge.  When they’re dry, hot glue a hard, clear plastic drink cup to the center.  Use a duplicate cup to put honey into (so you don’t have to do anything other than wipe down the plate when finished.)  Also, once you’re done with them, spray the backs with clear acrylic gloss (remember to do this in a well ventilated area.)

Round Challah Cover.

What you need: large round paper doily, colored paper, scissors, glue, crayons and/or markers.

For the first step, cut a circle the same size as the doily out of colored paper.  Glue the doily onto the circle.  Then cut out Rosh Hashana designs from different colored paper and glue them on the doily.

Silver Kiddush Cup.

What you will need: three paper or plastic cups, all same size foil decorating scraps (colored paper, felt, macaroni, etc.) glue or tape.

Glue or tape the bottoms of two cups together.  Cover them with foil.  Make designs out of the scraps and glue them on.  Put the third cup inside to hold “wine”.

New Year Cards.

What you will need: colored tissue paper, colored construction paper, glue, scissors.

Cut a rectangle from construction paper and fold it into thirds, lengthwise.  Unfold them, then fold the bottom third back underneath the middle section.  Draw a shofar, an apple, or other Rosh Hashanah symbol in the center of the middle section.  Do not let it reach the edges.  Punch a hole in the center of your drawing, and cut out the shape from the bottom and middle sections at the same time.  Turn the card over and unfold it.  Paste strips of colored tissue paper to cover all the cut-out space in the middle section.  Put glue on the edges of the bottom section and fold it up over the middle section.  Now write a New Years message on the card.  Shanah Tovah!!!

Apple & Honey Dish.

for this you will need: large paper plate, small paper plate, muffin cup, crayons, paints, decorating scraps, scissors, glue, apples and honey.

Start by making pretty designs around the edge of the larger plate.  Then glue the small paper plate onto the larger plate.  Glue a muffin cup in the center of the smaller plate and pour honey into it.  Put apple slices around it and enjoy a sweet holiday treat!