Rodeo/Western Art

I drew large, simple horse heads on sturdy white paper, and gave two to each child. They painted the heads with tempera paint, added yarn for manes. Once dried, I glued the heads together, with a long dowel sandwiched in between. These made great hobby horses for the kids, very popular.

Try to get a good supply of worn out jeans (wranglers are best). Each child has their own brand that some how uses the first letter of their name. I put the brand on the pocket with a black Sharpie and the children trace their brand with colored glue. Put a magnet on the back and you have a place to put a note pad and a pencil for their fridge.

Make a western vest out of a large paper grocery sack. Cut it up the front and make a neck hole. Cut out arms. Turn it inside out to hide the store logo. Decorate with markers, a construction paper sheriff badge. Let children draw a western scene on the back.

For Western week I have my kids each make their own cactus. I cut out the cactus shapes. I then give each child some tooth picks to break into pieces. Then we glue them onto the cactus.

Cut the shape of a cow for each child, provide brown, black and white paint, apply cow to easel and enjoy!!!

For art during our “Western Days” theme, I used triangular pieces of cloth (I used up an old sheet) and let the kids decorate them with felt markers and paint. I also made some potato stamps that looked like brands that the children printed on their neck scarves.

Use newspaper and form into a cowboy hat and have the child paint their hat to whatever color they want it!