Restaurant Games

I have a few different ideas for fast food restaurants:


Ask your local McDs to donate some empty french fry boxes (usually med. or lg.)to your classroom/home.
Open each box and write a number on the back. Number 5 or 10 boxes, or even more.
Purchase a cheap, yellow sponge and cut it up to resemble individual french fries.
Students/children can practice counting the french fries and putting then into the correct/corresponding box(es).
This is a great activity for a center, and helps with number recognition and one-to-one correspondence.

Burger King-

Ask the local restaurant to donate cups and lids. Have students/children match the correct size lid to the matching cup.
This is a great activity for spatial relationships and small motor control.

Hardees/Carls Jr-

Ask the local restaurant to donate burger boxes. Students can practice counting them, lining them up, building towers, etc.
This is a great alternative to blocks!

Dairy Queen-

Ask the local restaurant to donate sundae cups with carry out lids. (which are usually see through.) Place identical items inside 2 separate containers. Do this with 2-4 different items, depending on the age you are working with. Example: Marbles, rocks, pom-poms, jingle bells, etc.
Have students match the 2 sundae cups with similar items inside.

You can also ask for drink cups and lids and vary the above activity for older children by making them shake the cups to HEAR or LISTEN to the sounds, and match the 2 that are similar.

You can also ask local restaurants for plastic silverware and children can practice SORTING it into piles: spoons, forks, knives.

You can also sort different items into correct piles: apple pie boxes, cookie boxes, burger boxes, drinks, french fries, silverware, salads, condiments, napkins, etc.