Religious Christmas Ideas

Turn your home center into a nativity scene! We put down rolled plastic, covered with hay. Our class is in a church so we had access to a wooden manger from a previous Christmas program. Parents let us barrow large stuffed animals. We already had a baby doll. We set out robes and bath towels (for headdresses) so they could dress the parts. The children loved it! Just be prepared to vacuum each day, and make sure no one is allergic to hay!

Place Jesus’ name up on your birthday board/wall. With his birthday. Make sure that you show the children that we celebrate Jesus’ Birthday too.

After sharing the Christmas story with children, give each child a glow-in-the -dark star, and tell them that when they see their star glowing, they will always remember why we celebrate Christmas.

A great book to read to children about the story of Jesus’s arrival is Who’s Coming to Our House by by Joseph Slate, Ashley Wolff (Illustrator) It is perfect for preschoolers as it uses the animals found in the stable to get the barn ready for Mary, Jesus and Joseph this was my favorite book as a child i’m 19 now!!!!! Hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I do.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.