Reindeer Snacks

Reindeer Snacks

Reindeer Snacks

Reindeer snacks for preschoolers through second grade.  Yum!

Pancake Reindeer (pictured above)


Pancake mix

Whipped cream

Cherry tomatoes



Make three pancakes in the shapes in the picture above.   Assemble them to look like a reindeer head.  Add the cherry tomato for the nose, a dollop of whipped cream with a blueberry on top for the eye, and bacon for the mouth and hair.  So cute and yummy

Make your own reindeer snacks with small pretzels, m&m’s, raisins, Chex Mix, peanuts, dried fruit, etc. Any kind of trail mix will work.

Last year at Christmas time my class made special reindeer food. In snack sized ziplock bags we mixed oatmeal, red sparkles, and green sparkles. We used tablespoon measures and let the kids pour everything into their own bags. I also printed off a little tag to attach to the bag that read: “Reindeer Food – Sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve for Reindeer.”

Give each child an individually sized pie crust. Give them a serving of chocolate pudding to put in their pie crust. This is the reindeer’s head. Then give them two thin snacking pretzels to add to the antlers. Give them two cheerios for eyes and finish it off with a red cherry for the nose. This is a tasty treat as well as a great exercise to work on following and listening to verbal directions. This is also great for fine motor skills and it is fun!! My class did this at Christmas and again when talking about the Arctic and reindeer is one of the animals that live there. The children still ask to make “Rudolph”.

Cut a piece of bread into two triangles. Spread with peanut butter. Place a red candy on tip of triangle for the nose, raisins or chocolate chips for eyes and licorice strings for antlers – Rudolph!

Cut one slice of bread in half diagonally (one slice will yield 2 reindeer). Position slice so it is an upside down triangle. Spread with peanut butter. Use raisins for eyes, 2 small twist pretzels for antlers, and of course a red m&m for the nose.

Take oatmeal and edible glitter and combine in a Ziploc bag. Tell the kids it is “reindeer food” They should spread it outside their house on Christmas Eve. They can see the glitter from up in the sky and the oatmeal will be a tasty snack for the reindeer.

Reindeer Snacks