Reindeer Games For Preschoolers

Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games For Preschoolers

Easy and fun reindeer games for preschoolers through second grade.

Antler match: cut out reindeer heads making separate matching antlers. glue one antler to each head.  Laminate the heads and remaining antlers.
Have children match remaining antlers to their reindeer.
my pre-k class loves this game
no two pairs of antlers should be the same.

I spy

Before the kids come to class, hide different types of reindeers all over the classroom.  Get creative.  Use some stuffed reindeer animals, pictures of reindeers, reindeer socks, etc.  A great place for inspiration is the 99 Cent Only Store!

See how many reindeers the children can find.  To add a math spin to the game, chart how many reindeers that were found.



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