Recycling Science

preschool earth day curriculum

Environmental Science

Purpose: To teach the children to take care of their environment

Materials: rubber bands and 6 pack plastic rings

Activity: Give each child a small rubber band and instruct them to put it around their pinky finger and their thumb. Then ask them to try to remove it. It should be difficult or impossible to remove. Explain to the children about the plastic rings and how sea creatures get them stuck around their bodies and beaks etc., and teach them how to throw them away properly (by cutting the circles) and teach them the dangers of littering.

For our recycling project I invited someone from the local Recycling Commission to come in and talk to us. They brought all kinds of good info. and lots of free goodies including pencils made from money and blue jeans.

Another thing we have done with our recycling project is we have started a compost pile. Unfortunately, it has attracted many fruit flies, but the students have learned what items can go in a compost pile, and what cannot. They have watched as the fruits, paper, etc. have decomposed and turned into fertilizer.

Collect aluminum cans in your classroom. Make sure the donated cans are clean or ask the children to wear medical gloves. Let them sort the cans, count them, and weigh them. Make a graph with the results. Take the cans to a local recycling center and use the change to buy a recycling book!

Three weeks before Earth Day my class and I discuss what is bio-degradable and what is not. We choose several items to bury in the playground. On Earth Day we dig them up and see the changes (or not) the items went through.

Take children on a study trip to a recycling plant to learn more about the importance of recycling. This will also give them a chance to see the process by which it is done.