Rainforest Snacks

Forest Floor Fallen Logs
from Cooking Art


1 package celery
1 small tomato
black olives
1 to 3 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 to 3 teaspoons poppy seeds
shredded lettuce or spinach
1 can tuna, packed in water
1 dill pickle
4 ounces grated cheddar


paper towels
small bowl
small mixing bowl and


1.Separate the celery stalks and wash well. Dry each
piece of celery with a paper towel. Set aside.
2.Place the sieve over a bowl. Dump the can of tuna in
the sieve to drain. Set aside.
3.Chop the tomato, pickle and olives into tiny pieces with
a knife.
4.Mix the tuna, tomato, pickle, olives and cheese in the
small mixing bowl with a mixing spoon.
5.Add 1 to 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise to the tuna
mixture and stir. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of poppy seeds
to the tuna mixture and mix well.
6.Fill the grooves of a celery stalk section with a spoonful
of the tuna mixture. Wipe away any excess tuna.
7.Sprinkle more of the poppy seeds on the flat plate. Dip
the celery – tuna side down – in the poppy seeds. Lift
the celery from the poppy seeds and place on the
serving plate. The stuffed celery will look like a fallen log
in the forest. The “logs” can be sliced into slabs, or
eaten as entire logs.
8.Fill all the celery log sections, placing them on the
serving plate after covering them with poppy seeds.
Decorate around the logs with lettuce or spinach

Tasting the Rainforest: Gather various edible objects found in the rainforest (such as bananas, star fruit, coconut, chocolate, papaya, etc.). Allow students to taste each item. Then give each student one Lego. Using the Lego’s, graph the results of your taste test. Use bananas for example. Everyone who liked the banana, stacked their Lego in one location. Everyone who did not like the banana stacked their Lego’s in another location. You would then have a physical bar graph. This could be used to introduce bar graphs to students and the idea of less and more.

The perfect cooking/snack idea for a rainforest unit is chocolate covered bananas! You can package a dip for bananas at the grocery store. The kids halve bananas and insert a Popsicle stick into the cut end. The “banana pops” are frozen for a couple of hours. The dip mix is placed in a container of hot tap water and the poured into a cup. The kids can dip the banana pops into the cup and swirl them around to coat them with chocolate. Chopped nuts and/or coconut can be sprinkled onto the chocolate before it hardens. This is a great time to talk about foods that come from the rainforest.

Rainforest tasting party

Buy different fruit from the rainforest: coconut, papaya, bananas, mangos, etc. Allow the children to try a sample of each. Then graph the results–who liked the coconut the best, etc.

Rainforest mix

Make a trail mix snack with food products that come from the rain- forest: shredded coconut, peanuts, mini chocolate chips, raisins. Let the children help!

Bananas and rainbow vanilla wafers are good for the rainforest snack. The rainbow colors are like the colors of all the bright flowers that grow in the rain forest.