Rainbow Science

Pre-make clear unflavored gelatin in a large bowl according to directions.

4-5 children max at a time or have two sets ready!

Set out intensified water colors (not diluted totally) in small cups using at least 3 different colors. Have small eye droppers on the table. They ides is for the children to fill the gelatin (out of bowl & upside down on try) with different colors with the eye droppers and see what happens when they use more than one color at a time or the colors begin to run together. For older children you can chart when they think may happen and see where it goes from there. When it gets really messy it then can become a sensory activity.

Rolling rainbows, I took two clear plastic pop bottles and cleaned them out. Then I filled them with water and put mosaic tiles in them. The children can roll them and shake them and watch the colors swirl. It might be a good idea to put tape around the cap or glue it with a hot glue gun so the children can’t open them up. I got this idea from the mailbox magazine. They really enjoyed them.

Rainbow in a jar For this activity you’ll need a 1gallon glass jar, water, and food coloring. What I did was, I filled the jar a little over half full with water then I let it set for awhile to settle down. Then you can take the food coloring and hold it above the lip of the jar and drop a drop of food coloring in and watch how the colors mix with the water. Then you can add another color or two and watch how the colors mix in the water. The children really enjoyed it.