Rain Games

Cloud, Rain, Lake

Here is a fun large motor game i came up with during my week on rain/water. if you’re in a gym, designate end of the gym to be “cloud” the other “earth” and the middle “lake” everyone starts out on the end labeled “cloud” you shout, “Rain to Earth!” everyone runs to the other end. They lay down as puddles on the earth, you then say “Lake” and they all crawl or roll to the center of the gym and collect in the lake. Then, you say “Evaporate to clouds” and everyone stands up and “floats” back to the cloud line. Repeat.

On our rain day, I bring in 3 or 4 umbrellas from home. I let a few children come up to the front of the class to hold the umbrellas and tell them that I think it might rain IN the classroom! Then I call up 2 more children to hold rain sticks. We all sing “It’s raining, it’s pouring…” while the children play the rain sticks….then the fun begins! I have a little bucket of water with a sponge which I squeeze out on the children with umbrellas while we are all singing. Squeals and giggles erupt!! We continue until everyone has a chance to be rained on. (It is a good idea to put a shower curtain down on the floor first to catch the raindrops!)

the teacher is in the middle of the room with a closed umbrella. Have the children march, hop or skip etc. until the umbrella goes up signaling that the rain has started and the children have to run to a spot under the umbrella to keep dry until the sun comes out again and they can play.