Rain Art

Rain sticks

Cover one end of paper towel tube with paper, secure with colorful tape or a rubber band. Fill paper towel tubes with desired amount of dry rice, beans, peas, etc. Cover the other end decorate tube with markers and stickers. Shake back and forth fast and slow to make it sprinkle or pour down!

Rain drop prints-

Use washable paint and medicine/eye droppers to make rain drops on paper, paper towels, or umbrella shaped cutouts.

Rainy Day Painting- Put washable paint and water into small spray bottles. Make sure consistency is thin enough to go through sprayer. Give children large sheets of paper and have them spray the paint to make a rainy painting.

I had my toddlers make umbrellas by cutting a large paper plate in half and using bingo dabbers then stapling a precut handle on it. I hung them in my window and had them make thumb prints with blue paint for raindrops.

Cut out large umbrella from paper. Water down tempra paint so it has more of a thinner consistency. Take plastic water droppers and use the droppers to fill up with tempra. Then let the children use the eyedroppers to “rain” on the umbrella’s.

Materials: 2 pieces clear contact paper in a raindrop shape, blue material (paper, sequence, feathers, etc). Give child 1 piece of contact paper. Let them put on different materials. Teacher places 2nd piece on. Hang from ceiling.

I made with my children a beautiful mural in our circle time area. we made clouds out of easel paper painted blue, white and light blue. Then we made rain drops out of foil paper ( aluminum ) and the last thing we made umbrellas out of construction paper with each child name on it. It look really nice with the people they made the week before. They look that they were covering themselves from the rain. They love to see it all the time even when they playing.

Rain Cloud. I made a cute bulletin board with my class. The first part of the project I had them cut out a raindrop shape from thick white construction paper. Then they each sponge painted them with light blue paint. Next, I cut out a large cloud shape out of white butcher paper and had each of them decorate it with their handprints in black paint. When all materials were dry, I hung the cloud up against a navy blue background with the raindrops scattered beneath for a rainy spring day.