Quilting Day

Toasted Quilt Squares


one slice of bread 1/2 slice white cheese 1/2 slice yellow cheese


one small 6″paper plate per child one aluminum foil baking sheet per child plastic knives small shape cookie cutters oven: convection, conventional, or toaster oven


1.Place the bread on the baking sheet. 2.Tear the cheese or use knives or cutters to make shapes with the cheese to make a design on the bread. 3.Toast to melt the cheese. 4.Cool and eat.

Teacher Tips

Before beginning this activity, have the children draw and color the design they are going to make. After toasting, have the children sort them and arrange them like a quilt. Take pictures for observations later. For a variation, direct the students to cut the cheese slices in one inch strips. Demonstrate how to lay the strips in a pattern, white, yellow, white, yellow, and to criss-cross or weave them to form a patch work effect. Toast as above.

At the beginning of each year, we do a “I’m Special” unit. We print each child’s hand on an 8″ square of paper. Then they are given another square of white paper and 2″ squares of colored paper to make a quilt block. These are then taped together, quilt style, alternating hands and patchwork squares. When it comes down, I cut them apart and each child gets to take theirs home.

I’ve seen several “Friendship Quilt” ideas…here’s a cute addition. I gave my kids a white paper square with their name in the middle and a dashed line around their name and a dashed line around the outside of the square (looks like stitching). They decorated with collage stuff. When I hung them up, I hung them touching, with a border around the whole thing, and the center square had this poem on it: “With out hands we made this quilt, and we each made a special part, to show you how the friendship we share, warms each little heart!” On the wall it really looks like a quilt, and the kids are proud of it!

Have large piece of white butcher paper pre-cut and on the table. With a black marker section off individual rectangles for the children. Place various media on the table for the children to use to create a “quilt”. You can use crayons, markers, water colors, scrap paper, wall paper, material, etc. This is a wonderful activity for group participation, cooperation, turn taking, sharing, color recognition, texture, spatial awareness, and pattern awareness.

We just did this activity this week. For the letter Q, each child made a quilt. I gave each child a half piece of tack-board and 9 assorted fabric squares. They glued the squares in a row, repeating after each row. This is a good activity for “patterns” also. After the child was done, they had their own “quilt”.

Our class just finished a section on quilts. We used wallpaper samples by cutting them into 2×2 squares and gluing them on construction paper. The children could do this all by themselves and really enjoyed it.