Quilting Day

I make a quilt with the children in my class by asking each child to bring in a piece of fabric from something that is special to them (I even had one child who brought in a piece of fabric from his first pair of big boy underwear). I have the children use real needles and thread to sew their fabric to a large bed sheet. Always stay with children when they are sewing they usually need help getting the needle thru the material.

In addition to the Friendship Quilt art ideas…I also do a Language Arts activity in which I go around asking small groups of children to tell me why they like (a student) in our class. I write down their responses. These are written on white squares amongst the decorated squares with the child’s name at the top. Example: it would have Jacob at the top and say things like “I like him. He’s nice. He likes to be silly with me.” (etc.) We read each child’s square out loud when it’s on the wall and it also stays up most of the year. I love seeing them blush when we read it. We often hear “What does my square say again?” Build that self-confidence!

Friendship Quilt:

Give each child a 12inch by 12inch piece of construction paper. Put out some beautiful junk ( yarn tissue paper sequins cotton balls ‘ you get the idea ). Let the children create their own square for a FRIENDSHIP QUILT. When all is dry, connect the squares together and display for everyone to see. Mine will hang in the classroom for almost the whole year. It is remarkable how the children will continue to talk about it for a long time. At the end of the year I cut it apart and send the squares home.

Let the kids make a quilt using felt squares. They can assemble it with glue if needles are out of the question. They can do individual quilts or pass their finished squares around the room to make a “friendship quilt”.

My class made a Personality Quilt. Each child took home on the first day of school and piece of felt and glued their pictures and things that describe their personalities (ex. dolls, cars, roses etc.) Put all the pieces together and make a beautiful quilt. Talk about different personalities. Get to know each other and get them excited about diversity!