Purim Preschool Activities

Purim Groggers

Place 2 Dixie Cups with the openings facing each other. Securely tape and decorate. This makes a nice sized, no handle grogger.

Make a megillah for Purim by using a toilet paper roll. Have the children paint the roll and then take sheets of paper (width side up) with pictures of the main characters of Purim (or the story of Purim in pictures) and roll them around the tp roll. Have the children color in the pictures. Add sequins, shiny paper crowns, etc. for a nice accent. After it is rolled up, tie together with a nice ribbon. Voila, a megillah all their own!

Play knock down Haman’s sons. Haman had 10 sons. Make faces on 10 bowling pins, (you can just tape them on) and go bowling!

P-U-R-I-M (to the tune of Bingo) There is a holiday I love and Purim is its name-o. P-U-R-I-M, P-U-R-I-M, P-U-R-I-M, and Purim is its name-o.

Draw a picture of Esters Head. Make crowns. Blindfold children and play pin the crown on Esters’ head. You could also make a head of Haman and use a Hamentashen to pin on his head.

Purim Preschool Activities

Fun Purim Preschool Activities for the classroom or home.