Pumpkin Snacks

2 bundt cakes put together makes a really great pumpkin. A little orange frosting and some creative thinking and you’ll have an edible pumpkin.

This idea is a lot of work but the reward on young children’s faces it well worth it. Take an orange and cut the top off like you would a pumpkin. Remove the inside of the orange and put in a bowl to fill pumpkin with later. Now fill with orange or any fruit or pudding. To keep cover of orange secure use a toothpick.

Yummy Pumpkins

Needed: cream cheese, English muffins, raisins, orange food coloring

Have the children mix the orange food coloring into the cream cheese to make it a wonderful “pumpkin” color. Next, have the children spread the orange cream cheese on their English muffins.

A tasty recipe for No-Bake Pumpkin Pudding

To make one individual serving per child, mix two tablespoons pumpkin pie filling, two tablespoons marshmallow crème, and one tablespoon whipped topping. It is fun for the kids to measure the ingredients themselves and mix this tasty pudding.