Pumpkin Science

During my pumpkin unit I cut the top of off a pumpkin and put it in the sensory tub. The children can explore the pumpkin at their own pace.

Our Head Start kids just love “Pumpkin Pounding” Set out 2 large pumpkins with a few hammers, and nails, and you will have trouble getting them away from pounding the nails into the pumpkins!

This is also how we get them used to the hammer and nails before we set up the woodworking table.

This is a simple idea, but the children love it! I put the pumpkin on a table, open the top and place some spoons, plastic bowls, cups, small shovels etc beside it. I then cut the top off the pumpkin (make sure the hole is large enough for at least to hands to get into the pumpkin easily). Now, let the children use their imagination and ‘Explore the Pumpkin”!

We saved our pumpkin seeds from our Halloween pumpkin and planted them in milk cartons. The pumpkin plants sprouted quickly and the children transplanted them into clay pots they decorated with paints in the art area. The pumpkin vines are gorgeous and grow and change it seems daily. When they become too large to handle, we will send them home.