Pumpkin Games

Give Mr. Jack-O-Lantern Some Hair
Small Motor Game

You will need a plastic Jack-O-Lantern

scary halloween's plastic pumpkin

Velcro Dots
A pack of foam sheets

Cut different colors of foam sheets into long strips (hair).
Put a Velcro dot on each strip of hair.
Put Velcro dots around the rim of the Jack-O-Lantern.

The children can now put hair on Mr. Jack!  You could extend this activity by encouraging patterns, learning colors, and colors.

Store the hair inside Mr. Jack.

The Very Hungry Pumpkin Flannel Board Story

Cut out pumpkins in a variety of colors (1 of each the same size). This is my friend the very hungry pumpkin. What color is he/she? (orange) Well, he/she was so hungry that he/she decided to eat an apple-Munch, Munch, Munch!

What happened? What color is he now? (you replace the orange one with the red one) Well, now he/she was so hungry he/she decided to eat a blueberry. Munch, Munch, Munch. What happened? (replace with the blue one) Carry on as far as you like with as many fruit colors you can think pf. At the end you say; Oh no! Mommy is coming home and I need to turn back to orange again! What shall i do? (so many children answer at once, and yes you bring the orange pumpkin back again).

I use this activity as part of my movement class, but you can easily do it during circle time. Have the children sit in a circle. Place one large, one medium and one small pumpkin in the middle of the circle. Talk about the sizes of the pumpkins and then pass the small pumpkin around for every child to hold. Do the same with the medium pumpkin, and kneel in the middle of the circle with the large pumpkin, going to each child and assist in their holding the large pumpkin. Ask the children to cross their legs to make a “basket.” Talk about going to a pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins. First “go” to the small pumpkin patch. Tell the children we are going to pick as many pumpkins as we can and put them in our “baskets.” Then sing this song:

Pickin up pumpkins, put em in a basket,
Pickin up pumpkins, put em in a basket,
Pickin up pumpkins, put em in a basket,
Way down yonder in the pumpkin patch! –

While singing, you are easily picking up the small pumpkins and putting them in your basket. – Then go to the medium patch and do the same thing, (emphasizing with facial expressions that the pumpkins are harder to pick up. When you get to the big patch, sing the song slower as you are straining to pick up the pumpkins because they are so big! (Sometimes we even fall backwards because the pumpkins are so heavy, and the kids love this.) Happy pumpkin picking!

As a math activity, I purchased small plastic pumpkins that come apart (used for party favors at Halloween) Inside each pumpkin, I wrote a numeral from 1-10. Then in small plastic cups, I place real pumpkin seeds. The children come choose a cup; count the seeds; find the corresponding pumpkin; and then, count the seeds again while placing them into the pumpkin. The best part is placing the “lid” on the pumpkin at the very end!!! When the activity is all completed, the children like to eat some real roasted pumpkin seeds too!!!