Pumpkin Games

Pumpkin File Folder Game

Cut out 20 small pumpkins out of orange construction paper. Write the numbers 1-10 and draw black dots (representing seeds) to match the number, on 10 pumpkins. Do the same to the other 10. You should have 20 matching pumpkins. Glue 10 of them to the inside of a file folder. Glue an envelope or plastic baggie to the back of the folder and place the matching 10 in the envelope. This becomes a matching game for the children helping them learn their numbers. You can also use real pumpkin seeds and they have to place the correct amount on each pumpkin.

This idea is great for 3’s– In your rice or sand table, sprinkle some of the neat shiny confetti– pumpkins. Have children go on a “treasure hunt” in the rice or sand and find the little pumpkins. When they have found all the confetti, each child can count how many they found. You can also give the kids magnifying glasses to help with their search. The rice table has never looked so neat!

We buy enough pumpkins for each child in the school, plus extra) and place them in a large circle on the lawn. In small groups the children run around the entire circle then walk back around and choose a pumpkin of their own. We write their names on them and put them in a garden cart. Together the group pushes the cart back to their classroom. The pumpkins are then used for counting and measuring activities.

This game is based on Bozo buckets, only use pumpkins that children use to collect candy on Halloween night. Use 5 or 6 buckets and place them in a line (front to back) and give children bean bags to try to toss into each pumpkin beginning with the closest pumpkin.

I took 11 sheets of large green construction paper and labeled them 0 – 10. I then cut out 55 pumpkins. My students just love putting the correct amount of pumpkins into each pumpkin “patch.”

On Halloween, our children at the ASYMCA did a Pumpkin Walk. Copy a large pumpkin (about the width of an average 3 year old’s feet side by side) onto 10 to 15 pages of orange construction paper. Cut them out and place the numbers 1 – 15 on them in black marker. Make them large enough for the children to read. Laminate each one. Tape them to the floor in a circle and proceed with the Pumpkin Walk as if you were doing a cake walk. We used pre-recorded songs such as “Monster Mash”, “Adams Family”, One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater” and the like. We gave out prizes such as a canister of PlayDoh or Mini Tonka Trucks or books from the local dollar store. It was such fun! (Your teachers can be involved as well – just make sure that you buy some “grown up” prizes such as planning calendars or gift certificates!)