Pumpkin Art

Paper bag pumpkin. Take a lunch bag size paper bag and crumble-up some paper to put inside. Tie the top with string leaving about 2 inches of space at top. Paint the bottom portion with orange tempra paint and the top brown (for the stem). Copy a leaf pattern on green paper and let them cut it out-glue or staple it to base of stem. If you’d like, you can wrap green or brown pipe cleaners around stem for vines.

Here is a fun idea that I used with the two-year-olds in my Mommy and Me class.
First, go out and buy several packages of WHITE dryer hoses. The kind that goes from your dryer to the vent outside. Count out 9 rings on the dryer hose and cut it with a strong pair of scissors. Fold the cut dryer hose around so it looks like a pumpkin and staple the two ends together. Let the children paint their pumpkins with orange paint. Finally, make a stem from rolled up brown paper bags. HAVE FUN!