Pumpkin Art

Materials needed: yellow & green construction paper, paper plates, rice, orange & yellow food coloring and glue

Ahead of time have the rice colored with orange & yellow food coloring (mixed or separated). Allow a couple of days for rice to dry. Give the children a paper plate and glue. Let the children put glue all over their paper plate, them they spoon the rice out onto their plate. Gently shake excess rice off.  Next the children can draw and cut out their pumpkins own eyes, mouth, nose and stem. (or you can have these pre-cut) Then the children glue them on the pumpkin. Last staple the stem and allow time to dry. These are the cutest pumpkins!

Cut a mini pumpkin in half crosswise. Using the stem as a handle, let the children dip the pumpkin into the paint, then onto the paper to make pumpkin prints. Looks great with orange paint on black paper!

I take a can of pumpkin pie filling and let the kids finger paint with it. They love the texture and it is safe for them to eat. They really enjoy sticking their fingers in it.

Fist prints Pumpkin Patch

Have the children make a fist. Dip the outside of the fingers into some orange paint and then press onto a sheet of paper. (You may need to help them “roll” their fist onto the paper.) Repeat this several times. After the paint dries, the children may use crayons or markers to draw the stems, leaves, and vines. ~~~~ I did this with my 2 and 3-year-olds. They had a blast. But I had to help them make the stems, leaves, and vines. It was worth it!

Give each child two large pumpkin shaped cutouts from orange construction paper. Let them glue orange yarn (represents the pulp) and pumpkin seeds on one of the pumpkins. Then let them attach the other pumpkin on top with a brad. Label with the title, “What’s inside?”