Princess Constance Tub a Thump


It’s Daylene again 😎 I had a ton of people ask about my post entitled “Dance in the Rain.” Many people did not know about my big ‘ol fluffy heart. So, sit back and I’ll tell you a story.

Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with end-stage congestive heart failure at 40. My heart only functioned at 10%, and the prognosis was grim.
During the summer of 2005, I caught the flu. Within a month, I started to be short of breath all the time. My legs swelled so much that my skin cracked and water leaked out. Over the period of three months, I went to several different cardiologists and left without any answers.
The fourth cardiologist I saw ordered an immediate echocardiogram. Halfway through the test, the tech stopped and called the doctor in. They both lost all the color in their faces and rushed out of the room. Needless to say, that was not a good sign.
The next thing I knew, the doctor told me that I was to go directly to the hospital. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200.00.
At the hospital, I was rushed into an operating room for an emergency angiogram. The next thing I remember is the doctor telling my family that my heart was only working at 10% capacity. He assumed that the flu virus went straight to my heart.
He had inserted a temporary device to pump my heart. Finally, without a heart transplant, I probably would not make it six months. I am now 52.
I have made it this long because of medical advances in heart failure, lots of prayers, support from friends and family, and a warped sense of humor.
By the way, the picture I included in this post is really me and my last pacemaker (Pace-A-Rama-Danna-Ding-Dong). Since this picture was taken, I have a new friend living in my chest. Her name is Princess Constance Tub-A-Thump. 💝