President’s Day Snacks

Abraham Lincoln’s Black Top Hat Cookie

Ingredients: Keebler fudge stripe cookies, Rollo candies, chocolate frosting Using a Keebler/generic fudge stripe cookie, turn cookie over chocolate side up. Stack two Rollo candies on top of one another. Use a little chocolate frosting to stick Rollo candies together and “paste” on top of the cookie. Not the healthiest snack, but displays Abe’s famous black top hat!

Washington’s Cherry Pie


store bought refrigerator biscuits

canned cherry pie filling

muffin tin

Pam cooking spray

Spray muffin tin w/ cooking spray.

Separate biscuits and press into muffin tin and pushing up on sides.

Place 1 large spoonful of cherries in center of each biscuit and bake according to directions on biscuit can.

This snack was made with preschool students ages 3-5 years old. Perfect for them to help prepare.

“Frost” a half-pint size milk carton (milk poured out first), with peanut butter. Then use chunky pretzel sticks to cover the outside or “walls” of the carton, use graham cracker shingles on the roof. This makes a miniature log cabin, like the one Lincoln was born in, and the kids can drink milk and eat their creations!

President’s Day snack Use individual cups have each child crush a part of a graham cracker or vanilla wafer top with pudding and add cherry pie filling on top.