President’s Day Curriculum

While studying about the Presidents’ faces on money, we try to clean/shine pennies. I use 5 section trays. We give each child a penny for each section and try different things to try to clean the pennies. We start by asking “What do you use when you need to clean something?” “Soap” We get the liquid soap and have them rub it on the penny. We try different substances for each section like: ketchup, mustard, juice, & vinegar and salt. I draw the 5 sections on a piece of paper with pictures of each substance tried. When we are finished we talk about which pennies came out shiny. We glue a paper shiny or dull penny in each section to show what happened. Then I copy the page off for each child so they have something to take home and tell their parents about. The kids had fun and learned a new word “experiment”.

Have the class sit in a group. Choose one child to sit on the other side of a shelf. Tap one child in the group on the shoulder to say “Good Morning Mr. President”. The other child three guesses as to who said it.

Talk with the children at Together Time about what a president does. Ask the children to tell you what they would do if they were President. Make a book of their answers “What Would I Do to Make Our Country Good and True?” They could draw illustrations or cut pictures from magazines.

Today I asked my three year olds what would they do if they were president. I got some really precious answers. I wrote down each response on a large sheet of white construction paper. I also asked them “What does the president do?” I wrote those answers down on a large piece of paper. I hung them up on the door frame of my classroom. The parents really got a kick out of reading them. So cute!

Materials: large sheets of black and white paper

a lamp



process: Post one sheet of paper on the wall, seat a student in the chair with his/her side towards the paper. Place the lamp on the side of the student away from the paper. Adjust the distances til you get the head of the child silhouetted on the paper. Trace and have the student’s cut their silhouette out. Place the silhouette on the contrasting paper. Do this for each child (a room helper may be a benefit as this takes time.) Post these on a wall for show along with silhouettes of the Presidents. You may add a title to your wall. The children like to think that some day they might possibly be a president.