President’s Day Art

Cherry Tree

Toilet paper roll, green & red construction paper, glue, hole punch & stapler

Cut a cloud-type shape out of green construction paper that is folded in half so you will get 2 pieces with the same shape (front & back of tree). Make sure that it is big enough to go around tp roll. Staple top and sides of the tree together leaving bottom open so it’s like a pocket. Use hole punch to make cherries out of red paper. Put glue on the tree and have children put cherries on their tree while counting them. When dry stick tp roll in the “pocket” and staple to make it tight around the “trunk”.

Making Cents

Paint a large paper plate gray. If the children are able have them trace, cut out and glue a large silhouette of George Washington onto the plate – instant large quarter. I write 25 on the back.

Do the same with a small paper plate, brown paint and a smaller silhouette of Lincoln – it becomes a penny.

Put popped popcorn and pink powdered tempera paint in a baggie and shake. It makes great cherry blossoms for a spring art project or for President’s Day. They look very real.

To celebrate Lincolns we build log cabins, but with stick pretzels. Put glue all over a piece of construction paper and give the children as many pretzels as they need to build Abraham Lincoln’s log cabin. Great for 4’s and 5’s.

For President’s Day art, you can do coin rubbings with pencils or crayons. Make simple presidential silhouettes on black paper to cut out, then mount on black paper. This works great for older preschoolers who can practice cutting on line skills.

When talking about Washington, paint each child’s arm brown and hand and fingers green. Have them put it on construction paper to make a tree. After, they can dip their fingers in red paint to make cherries. The kids love getting messy!