Preschool Transitions Between Activities

Departure Time

The end of the day can have its own problems just as the beginning of the day often does. Trying to talk to parents, help the children get their belongings together and keep an eye on other children is often hectic. Sometimes children have as hard a time leaving as they do arrive and they and their parents might need some help from you. You can have simple, quiet activities, such as table games, story records and flannel board stories to help put the children in a relaxed mood before departure time. You can also let children know that it is close to going home time and help them think of things to tell or show their parents. When parents arrive, teachers can let them know how their children’s day went. Try to pass on specific, as well as some positive information that will help a parent and child with this transition. One way to aid with departure time is to use children as helpers for end-of-the-day chores. That way you do not have a lot of extra cleaning to do after the children leave.