Preschool Transitions Between Activities

Field trips

Talk about the trip you are taking and what the children Will see and do several days in advance. Teach songs and fingerplays and tell stories that relate to the trip. These can be used during field trip transitions, such as during the ride. Sometimes it is a good idea to have large motor or outside activities before the field trip. Have one adult helping some children to finish up the activities before the field trip and another adult taking others outside to play for a few minutes or to get in the van. If you have a group time before the field trip, keep it short. Moving a few children at a time onto the van or into the car will save confusion. Think of fun ways to get on the van that will help cut down on the pushing and shoving.

“Let’s be ghosts floating on board the ghostly bus.”

“Let’s be fish and swim into the car.”

“The busy bees are going on a trip away from the beehive. Buzz!”

Have adults stationed to help the children get in the vehicle and also to help with the seat belts. Make use of children helping other children with seat belts. A seat belt countdown can assist in getting everyone ready. “We are taking off, so fasten your seat belts– 10, 9,8………..

On the road, talk more about what will happen when you arrive. Look for different colors, pictures, numbers, and letters on road signs. Look for tagalongs–vehicles with attachments (U-Hauls, boats, trailers). Have the children imagine they are someplace, perhaps wherever you are going on your trip and talk about what you will see. Help the driver drive with imaginary steering wheels (remind the children that the vehicles you are driving have had tune-ups so the motors run quietly). Play word games–rhyming words, opposites, long words or short words. Use songs, games and fingerplays the children learned during group time.