Preschool Transitions Between Activities

Restroom Time

Toileting time, particularly after lunch, can be chaotic. Cut down as much as you can on the time children have to wait in line. After children understand the routine, you can have different activities going on at once rather than everyone doing the same thing. Some children can be Toileting, some wiping off lunch tables and others brushing their teeth. How much you want to have going on at once would depend upon your center setup, particularly the number of staff people. Since waiting in line for some of the time is unavoidable, try simple make-believe games, riddles, songs and fingerplays which you can start and children can continue while you unstop a toilet or clean up the floor.

“Going to the Zoo”–say to children, I’m going to the zoo and I’m going to . . . (hop like a rabbit). How are you going 10 get there?” Children take turns responding as to how they would get to the zoo.

“My Ship Went Sailing”–say to the children, “My ship went sailing and it carried some . . . (bananas).” Children take turns telling what their ships would carry.

“Classification Game”–have children name all the animals, all the food, all the things that fly, etc., that they can think of.

“Body Parts Guessing Game”–“I can see you with my ____. I can hear you with my_____. Etc.