Preschool Transitions Between Activities

Transitional Activities For Moving From One Activity To Another

These are times teachers get worried about group control and become more regimented. Look for ways to make such times more fun for you and the children. Use transition activities that move a few people at a time; this cuts down on confusion from mass movement and boredom from long waiting periods.

Ways to move can relate to the theme or topic of the week. They can also promote skills and social development. Some examples are:

‘If you are sitting next to Ann, you may hop like a rabbit to lunch.”

“When I hold up a card with your name on it. you may go wash your hands.”

“Let’s move with a partner to the playground.”

When there is no way to avoid mass movement and waiting times, lead the children in songs or fingerplays while you are getting ready. Use children as helpers–tying shoes, putting on coats, leading songs. If you have a very young group, get an older child from another group to help you. Show children that waiting times can he fun when you use a little imagination (and you do not have to wait too long). Some examples are:

A Transition Poem

Caterpillars bump

Worms wiggle

Bugs jiggle

Rabbits hop

Horses clop

Puppies bounce

Kittens pounce

Lions stalk

But . . .

I walk

Walking Robots

See the little walking robots

See them walk, walk, walk

See them walking in a row.

(You can substitute jump, hop or other ways of moving)