Preschool Transitions Between Activities

Arrival Time Transitional Activities

Children arrive at your program in a variety of moods–energetic and ready to go; half-asleep and grumpy; upset and crying. If you can use this transition time as an opportunity to talk to parents, your whole day will be better. A parent might communicate necessary information. such as a child’s lack of sleep, which will help you to adjust for the child that day. You can also make parents feel more comfortable about the separation by helping them say goodbye to the child, getting the child involved and letting the parent know s/he can call you back later to find out how the child is doing.

Have simple, easily supervised activities, such as playdough, available for those who are ready for activity so that you can spend time with the crying child. Offer enough selections, but close off areas which require more supervision than you can provide. Have some children help you with mixing the paint or setting the breakfast table. Giving children who have the skills and energy real jobs to do can make the early morning easier and more pleasant.