Preschool Teacher Humor And Stories

preschool teacher humor

Preschool Teacher Humor

Stories for teachers by teachers. Be prepared to get your giggles on and to turn that frown upside down!

One afternoon as I was handing out notices to the children at dismissal time, I did not get any response from Cristina after calling her name several times. So I said jokingly to the class, ” I guess Cristina changed her name since she’s not answering me.” Finally awakened, Cristina came up to me, and said seriously, “My name is Ariana Grande, but you can call me Cristina!”

One day a little boy in my class was very excited about something his family had done. I proceeded to tell me a very long and drawn out story about it as we know children will do. Well, I was very busy trying to get things put away and gather the children into the same area and everything was very hectic so I was listening with only half an ear. When the child had finally finished the story (I still don’t know what it was about) I tried to reply with excitement in my voice so I said “HOT DOG, that must have been really exciting” The child looked at me with a little confusion and said “Miss Kathy, I not a hot dog I a boy” I had to laugh at that.

4-year old Logan was talking about going fishing. He asked me, “Mrs. Burney, have you ever gone fishing?”  “Oh, yes”, I replied, “I used to go fishing a lot when I was a little girl.” Logan’s eyes popped open. “You were a little girl???” “Yes, I was – a long time ago!” I told him. With wide-eyed amazement, he asked, “When the dinosaurs lived on the earth?

Recently at the end of our Christmas program, Santa came out on stage. One of my four-year-old cuties leaned over and said “you, know what Miss Pam? That’s a fake Santa.” I said,”I know, sweetie, but don’t tell anyone.” The next day as we were headed outside to play, the same little boy told me that he knows that was one of Santa’s helpers because the real Santa is too busy at the North Pole getting fat so he can bring us toys!”

During our unit on the Five Senses, we passed a mirror around during circle time so we could look at our taste buds. One darling little girl took a good look, then said, “I just don’t see no stinkin’ taste bugs.” I laughed so hard I had to leave the room.

After a rather hectic play period, I unconsciously asked one three-year-old if she had lost her marbles. She stared at me pensively for a moment and replied, “No, but I can’t find my checkers!”